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Recurring Giving

  • Become a member of our RECURRING DONOR program, the BLESSED CARLO ACUTIS SOCIETY.

    Carlo Acutis, who died of leukemia at age 15, was known as a computer genius. People even referred to him as the patron saint of the Internet. Acutis created a website to catalog miracles and managed sites for local Catholic organizations. He used the Internet in service of the Gospel to reach as many people as possible. When diagnosed with leukemia, he offered his sufferings for then Pope Benedict XVI and the Church and asked to be buried at Assisi because of his love for St. Francis. In 2013 he was named a Servant of God and in 2018 was declared Venerable. Next, should it come, is canonization which requires two miracles verified by the Church. In early 2020, his first miracle was attributed to him from his intercession from heaven in 2013 to save the life of a Brazilian who was suffering from a rare pancreatic disease.

    You can become a member of the Blessed Carlo Acutis Society by clicking here and making a recurring gift online or by checking the “recurring gift” box on your pledge card. There is no minimum gift amount to become a member of this society. All you have to do is set up a recurring gift and you are all set!

    What does being a recurring donor mean? It means that you are committing to support the United Catholic Appeal on an ongoing basis (monthly, quarterly, annually). Once you set up your recurring gift, it continues on at that amount and frequency until you change or cancel it.  This is a great way to give because:

  • Transactions are paperless

  • It reduces costs associated with mailing, postage and processing

  • You can increase, decrease, pause or stop your recurring gift at any time

  • Join our MITER SOCIETY.

    The Miter Society recognizes those who support our mission through the United Catholic Appeal with leadership gifts of $1,500 or more. Your contribution touches the lives of those who might otherwise never experience the joy of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  In addition to your financial contribution, all Miter Society members are encouraged to offer up the ministries of the Church in their faithful prayers and spiritual sacrifices. The benefits of the Miter Society are offered as ways to help you continue to share your faith and love of Jesus Christ with others.

$1,500 or above | Etienne Phillibert Chapter

Members in this chapter are invited to attend invitation-only events like the Advance Commitment Gathering and Circle of Giving celebration. These events are a wonderful way to celebrate our Catholic faith with other faithful members. They will also receive a copy of Archbishop’s Leadership Briefing each month.


$2,500 or above | Saint Theodora Guerin Chapter

In addition to the benefits listed above, members are invited to a special day of prayer. Often held at Fatima Retreat House, the day of prayer allow individuals to come away and rest in God.


$5,000 or above | Saint Francis Xavier Chapter

In addition to the benefits listed above, members are invited to share their faith with others through beautifully designed Novena cards. These are just a small way to provide the encouragement of prayer to others.


$10,000 or above | SS. Peter and Paul Chapter

In addition to the benefits listed above, members are gifted a book to help them focus on their personal journey of faith. 


$25,000 or above | Archbishop’s Chapter

In addition to the benefits listed above, members receive a special memento from the archbishop to acknowledge their significant impact in our Archdiocese.




Archdiocese of Indianapolis
P.O. Box 6043, Indianapolis, IN 46206-6043

instructions for donating stock can be
found on
line at

  • Make your pledge or one-time gift online by clicking here

  • Fill out and return your completed pledge card in the envelope provided

  • Take your pledge card with you on Intention Weekend and drop it in the collection plate

  • Make your gift by Stock or IRA directly from your plan holder to reduce your taxable income

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